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Wednesday, Jan 08

For whatever reason, I couldn’t get onto this blog yesterday, but I think I remember Jenni passing on the news that the website was being shifted to another server, so maybe that’s it.  In any case, here I am, ready to rock n’ roll!  I’m working long hours on THE MARRIAGE PACT, and even though it’s been among the most challenging books I’ve ever written, I suspect it may also be one of my best.
I’ll let you be the judge of that.  🙂
On to miscellaneous stuff–there’s a new contest underway this week, so be sure to comment.  All this time, been raving about Danielle LaPorte’s excellent book, using the wrong title!  THE DESIRE MAP is the correct one. Anyway, just like last week, two winners will receive prizes–one will receive a copy of THE DESIRE MAP along with my new book, BIG SKY SECRETS, autographed, of course!  A second lucky blog-commenter will receive BIG SKY SECRETS, autographed, and a fun piece of jewelry I brought home from the National Finals Rodeo. 
Today is my weigh-in day at Weight Watchers, and I’m of two minds about that.  On the one hand, I’d rather stay home and work on the new book.  On the other, I am committed to the plan and to the many benefits of eating the WW way.  Last week, I switched to the new Simple Start program, which basically means I eat certain “power foods” almost exclusively, instead of counting points.  So far, I’ve loved it, since I happen to like vegetables and other famously healthy foods.  (I also get 49 points for the week, for those times when you don’t want to eat a power food or, in my case, for that nightly glass of wine.)  Has it worked?  I know I feel skinnier, but I could be fooling myself.
Oh, yes, and I happen to LOVE bad puns.  I even subscribe to an app called Daily Puns, and I like to forward the funniest ones to my sister, Sally.  There isn’t much she can do to stop me.  🙂  (We also send each other phone pictures at the beginning of particularly ominous hair-days–we firmly maintain that we’re the victims of evil alien hair experiments.)
The Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away for another year.  I’m of two minds about that, too.  (I seem to be of two minds about a whole lot of things lately, which may be why I’m considering carrying a supply of post-it notes around with me as I move from room to room and project to project.  🙂  Can’t you just see me bristling with hundreds of little bitty pieces of paper, like feathers?  Big Bird, only pink!)
Anyway, I love Christmas, as I’ve often mentioned on this blog and elsewhere, but let’s face it, this is one holiday that can really get out of hand, in a hurry.  The Real Reason for the Season gets lost in the shuffle.  People, myself included, get frantic–buy and wrap those presents!  Put up the tree!  String lights around the eaves!  Get those packages in the mail and those cards written!  All this, and we still have our regular jobs to do, deadlines to meet, children-and-or-aging-parents-and-or-pets (the and-ors could obviously go on forever) to care for.  Phew!
Sure is a good thing we women have superpowers.  🙂

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