Hello, God? This is Linda….

Thursday, Mar 20

It snowed again! What’s that about???? Isn’t it supposed to be SPRING?


Tonight is Weight Watchers–I’m looking forward to weighing in, if you can believe it, because I’m doing really well on the program. It works for me.

Today I’m doing a read-through and revision of the “Taming Dylan” pages. Dylan Creed is tough to tame, I’m here to tell you, but I think our heroine, Kristy Madison, is up to the challenge. It is a pure delight to watch this rough-and-tumble, card-sharp cowboy trying to adjust to the two-year-old daughter he’s suddenly 100 percent responsible for raising. 🙂 The potty-training alone is a hoot.

The art projects are going pretty well, too. As I mentioned, I FINALLY learned to transfer images onto polymer clay. VERY COOL. I received a shipment of blank ATCs (artist trading cards) yesterday, too. Wealth! I will collage on them, though I am a long way from being ready to trade. Art therapy, big-time.

Bernice is still a conehead, but continues to recover. She has one front leg shaved, and the rest of her is fluffy. 🙂 She’s on the last day of her antibiotics, and next Monday, she gets her stitches out and won’t have to wear the cone anymore. I will be in Toronto, celebrating the release of the new More Than Words anthology, along with the other authors in the collection, but trusty Mary Ann or Jenni, aka the dog nanny, will take Bear in to see the doctor.

You’ll want to be on the lookout for this year’s More Than Words release–hitting stores everywhere the last Tuesday of this month. It’s a gift-sized hardcover. When you buy this book, you not only get five very good stories, but you’ll be honoring the wonderful women who inspired these tales. All profits from the sale of the book go back into Harlequin’s inspired More Than Words program, which is designed to draw attention to very special programs designed by very special women. My story, “Queen of the Rodeo”, is loosely based (the stories are fiction and don’t directly parallel the experience of the woman who inspired them) on the work of Jeanne Greenberg, of SARI. Jeanne’s young daughter, Sari, suffered from Down syndrome, and Jeanne, a horse person, quickly discovered that riding a well-trained horse empowered Sari in profound ways. Tragically, Sari passed away at 15, but Jeanne and her husband Syd carried on this work in her memory, providing multitudes of afflicted children with the invaluable experience of theraputic riding. Each of the winners receives a hefty $10,000 donation from Harlequin, and all the publicity they can muster up.

One of the many reasons I love my publisher.

Check out the Greenbergs’ wonderful work at http://www.sari.ca/

Sorry about the highlighted words. Something Google does.

Hello, God? This is Linda.


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