Here’s what happened yesterday…

Wednesday, Mar 20

I was all ready to write.
And then I was tackled by the flu bug that’s been after me since before I left for Florida.  This time, I lost the battle–ended up being a pajama-clad layabout, all the day.  Today I’m better, I am happy to say.
The weather has changed again–as it will do, especially in spring.  🙂  I keep reminding myself that showers bring flowers and, most of the time, the tactic works. 
I have yammered on about “Downton Abbey”, haven’t I?  It’s the first TV series since HBO ran “John Adams” that could hold my ADD-challenged ability to concentrate for longer than a few minutes.  Honestly, I’m so sick of “reality” shows–my goodness, if that’s reality, we’re all in a heck of a lot more trouble than I thought.  It’s no wonder people all over the world think we’re crazy (and that’s putting it at its kindest), if they see the “real” housewives of this place or that, rolling around on the floor of some elegant restaurant in a cat-fight.  Imagine, if you will, how such an image might affect a person in a remote third-world village, with one TV set within a hundred-mile radius and no other access to the outside world.  For this person, just surviving is a monumental challenge, because where they live, the water is bad and food is scarce and medical care is virtually non-existent.  Yet, here, on this tiny, flickering screen, are well-dressed, well-fed people–Americans–behaving like mud wrestlers.  Yikes.  What an impression, and how very sad that the image is so wrong.  REAL Americans, most of them, anyway, are generally hard-working, good-hearted folks who live quiet, decent lives.  I guess my point–and I’m sure there is one in here somewhere–is that maybe the people in certain parts of the world wouldn’t hate us so much if they knew what we’re really like.
Maybe I still have a fever.  🙂  Or maybe I just needed to rant.
Thanks for your patience.
The new contest topic: Teachers.  Who was your favorite, and why?

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