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Monday, Mar 11

Regarding “Warhorse”.  I couldn’t bring myself to go to the movie; just the trailer on TV tied me up in knots, as do those dreadful commercials scored with Sarah McLaughlin music.  Both Wendy and I are devout animal lovers and we’re seriously sensitive to any suffering on their part.  Unlike people, they have neither voices nor choices–so you and I must speak up for them.  Way back when, I had to leave the theater during the new version of “King Kong”, because the capture scene upset me so much that I was sobbing and couldn’t seem to stop.  And, YES, I do know it was “just a movie”, as my more stout-hearted friends constantly remind me, but the fact is, I get so into a story, mine or anyone else’s, that it seems real to me.  UTTERLY real.  So, you may be asking, what does all this boil down to?  🙂  Just this: we played hooky that night, skipped the show entirely, and felt so relieved, it wasn’t funny.  We had a great time, just being together.
Now, I’m sure “Warhorse” is a spectacular show–they’ve won all sorts of awards–and the actual production is probably breathtaking.  If you saw and enjoyed the play or the movie, I commend you–you are braver than I am.
Looking forward to the production of “West Side Story”, though.  I’ll be there with bells on–and the biggest challenge will be not to sing along with the score.  🙂  Sure, there are some sad parts, parts that will surely make me cry.  But it’s a different kind of crying.
I promised a contest announcement on Friday and now, here it is, Monday already.  Yeesh.  Between the trip to Florida and the house renovations, I’ve been pretty discombooberated.  🙂  That’s a Mom-word, and it describes my state of mind perfectly.  Rest assured, I’m better now, and back in harness.
Here’s the question of the week.  What’s your hobby and why do you love it?
In other news: my tulip bulbs are coming up, sturdy little stalks mysteriously buzzing with color on the inside, YES!  So are the daffodils and crocuses down in the flower beds.  YES again!  Seedlings are breaking ground, delicate and strong, under the grow-light in the garage–future tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, etc.
More tomorrow. 
No, really.

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