Holy smokes, it’s already Thursday????

Thursday, Jul 12

It’s almost time to head out for the Big Apple.  Amazing.  The way time works, I’ll be back home in a nanosecond, asking myself how the trip could possibly be over already.  🙂
Summer has finally arrived, it would seem.  We’re having hot weather and the plants are soaking up the sunshine.  I smile every morning when I look at the little pot of oregano growing on my windowsill.  The tiny sprouts are always pointed sunward, and I turn the pot so we don’t end up with sideways spices.   Wendy and Jeremy gave me a mushroom patch in a box–which is on another sill in the laundry room.  I mist it twice a day and wait eagerly for salad garnish.
With Mary Ann and Jenni away on a much deserved mom and daughter vacation, I’m responsible for a lot of stuff I don’t normally do.  It’s a bit lonely, too, although the Canadian Wrangler and I have been holding down the fort, with plenty of help from Chris and of course Jeremy, Gardner Extraordinaire.  The other day, Wendy came in to work with him and I was writing in one room while she wrote in another.  🙂  It was great.
I must make myself stay out of the craft room until my work is done–I go to do one little thing and pretty soon I’ve been there for an hour (or more)–so it’s time to reenforce the ground rules.  I’m mostly making tiles, and there’s always something new to try–currently, I’m using Lazertran paper to make transfers, and they look GREAT.  The technique is fairly labor intensive, but fascinating, so this too must wait.
Chacha kitty is adjusting to her spectacular lion haircut–what a cutie.  She’s MUCH more comfortable, though I doubt she’d admit to it, even if she could talk, because she’s pretty disgruntled at such treatment from people who generally obey her every command.  🙂  I guess to her, it’s a mutiny.
I’ll be answering comments in a sort of random, here and there manner for the next little while.   Keep them coming!
Time for breakfast, a trip to the barn with Bernicie, and a day in Parable with my story people.
God bless and keep you till we meet again tomorrow.

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Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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