Humane Society of the United States

Sunday, Oct 29

I just met with the wonderful people at the HSUS, and am so looking forward to our association. They are energetic, creative and, best of all, deeply committed to the welfare and humane treatment of our best but often neglected friends, the animals.

A line from a beloved old hymn comes to mind: “…all creatures, great and small…the Lord God loves them all.”

I love them, too. And I want it to be an active love, a wade-in, do-something kind of love.

If you’re having trouble with a pet–and I know how frustrating that can be–check out the HSUS’s wonderful Pets For Life program. I’m so impressed with all these people have going on–would you believe online courses, devoted to various pet challenges and to general good care. They have a great program to provide for your pet in the event of your illness or death as well.

Look into the eyes of the nearest dog, cat or ardvaark. You will see love there, and trust.

Live up to that, and you will become your best possible self.

About Linda

The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is a #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West.

Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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