Hydrated to my shins and other news

Thursday, Aug 28

Hey, some days I come up with better topics than others.  🙂  Today’s blog title refers to my newest toy, an iPhone app called WaterMinder, as I believe I mentioned on Monday.  Interestingly, I’ve taken to downing a couple of big glasses of H2O before I even have my morning coffee–I wake up thirsty.  Since ordinary water lacks pazzazz ( and I MUST have pazzazz), I’ve been adding sugar-free flavorings of the kind one usually adds to java.  Works like the proverbial charm, for me at least.
Weight Watchers?  Don’t ask.  I started exercising again this week, on a regular basis, and I went UP two pounds.  Yikes.  I half expected this, being a WW veteran, but it still threw me a little.  I’m only human, after all.  (Oh, man, am I ever ‘only human’, but that’s a topic for another blog.)  Naturally, I plan to continue–as previously stated, this ole cowgirl is a member for life.  (Which is different, alas, from being a Lifetime Member.   I’ll get there, you can bet your favorite saddle on that, but it’s going to take a while.) 
The week has been a busy one–like all the rest of my weeks.  Bet it’s the same on your end.  🙂
I’ve just started my good friend Lisa Jackson’s new book, CLOSE TO HOME.  Yes, an actual book.  It’s shaping up to be a ghost story–yeehaw!!!–and I’m already in its thrall.  In fact, I have to be careful not to pick it up when I have other things to do–it’s that good.  I’ve known Lisa and her sister, Nancy Bishop, for many, many moons–they are the most creative, friendly and all-around classy women you can imagine.  Years ago, Debbie Macomber, Lisa and Nancy shared a room (we were all seriously poor at the time) while attending a Romance Writers of America conference–I forget where, but I have a vague recollection that it was San Francisco.  Lisa and Nancy had already checked in and taken off to register for the conference and hobknob with other friends when Debbie and I arrived to find a note from Lisa waiting on one of the beds.  It read, “Don’t eat the peanuts on top of the mini-bar–they cost NINE BUCKS a jar!”  And since today Lisa is one of the most successful writers in the biz, that memory always makes me chuckle.  (Although by now mini-bar peanuts probably cost three times as much and the price probably gives Stephen King pause.  I mean, there’s ‘expensive’ and there’s ‘just plain ridiculous’.  Furthermore, nothing in the mini-bar is going to be part of my Simply Filling program–except maybe the diet sodas and fifty-dollar bottles of water.  Spending that much would make me feel like a darn fool.)
Well, I’m off to eyeball your comments, drink more water–I’m going for the shoulders, by George–eat something healthy, and WRITE.
God bless.

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