I Love Brody Creed

Thursday, Dec 09

I can’t help it. I’m in love with a storybook cowboy. Writing this book is an experience–the emotions are intense and that makes me want to shy away sometimes, while pulling me in at the same time. Alas, Brody only has eyes for Carolyn Simmons, the heroine of “The Creed Legacy”. She’s a complicated lady–a self-proclaimed gypsy, because she’s moved around so much. She loves horses and art–now where did THAT come from?? 🙂

On the art front, I’m doing Soul Collage again. Years ago, while I was still in Arizona, and before I started this blog, I read a book on the subject and I was off and running. The cards (you could use any kind) are 5×8. They’re cut from heavy-duty mattboard, so they can handle a lot of paint and glue. We all know how I love to collage. 🙂 The more layers, the better, in my view.

My plan is to make a personal Tarot-type deck over the coming year. And I WILL post at least some of the cards on this blog. I’ll leave out certain cards, because this isn’t about fortune-telling. I see the Tarot as a great creative tool, full of interesting archetypes. Carl Jung found it fascinating, and so do I.

Today–surprise–I’ll write! Later, I’ll melt some Friendly Plastic–the shipment arrived–and see what happens–remember, it’s all about experimentation with me. When I have something worth showing you, I’ll post it.

The weather is in between–perfect. Cold, but the roads are dry and lots of the snow has melted away.

And I will be heading to California soon, to spend Christmas with daughter Wendy and her guy, Jeremy. Also Jeremy’s folks, Sheri and Pat, great people. We’re going to Disneyland and will almost certainly do some livingroom bowling via the Wii.


And that’s the news from my kitchen table.

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