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Tuesday, Jan 08

I hope that blog title isn’t supposed to mean anything.  If it does, I haven’t a clue what.
I’m a little behind schedule today–we’re getting lots of snow and a grocery-store visit seemed to be in order–and one thing led to another.  Well, you know how that goes.  🙂
The book is going well and so is the new eating program–I’m back in my favorite jeans, after only 10 days, which HAS to be a good sign.  Weighing is against the rules until after the 21st day, though, so I’ll have to be content with whatever progress I can rummage up during the wait.  Since I understand how the program works, I’ve been tempted to skip the next 11 days and go on from there, but I won’t let myself do that.  Every time I think I know what I’m doing and plunge ahead with something like this, I find out I’ve given myself a little too much credit and get into trouble.  So it’s one step, then another.  I want this to WORK, and that means hanging in there.  Because of the nature of the plan, I know it’s something I can do from now on, so it’s worth doing it right in the first place.
Weather like this makes me want to cook soup, so I bought one of those beans/lentils combos at the supermarket this morning, though I haven’t tossed them into the kettle yet.  Fortunately, bean soup is okay on the Food Lover’s Program, as are most whole foods.  As I’ve said, I miss my nightly glass of wine, but I’ll be able to have it again when the 21 days are up.
Haven’t seen the wild turkeys in a while–I wonder if they hibernate.  They must go someplace to get out of the storm, because as soon as it warms up a little, they show up again.
The horses are loving the snow–yesterday, Coco and Banjo decided they felt like running wildly from one side of the pasture to the other, and what a spectacular sight that was.  Few things are more beautiful, in my opinion, than horses running for the sheer joy of it.
Well, that’s a wrap for today.
Tomorrow, we’ll draw our winners for the last contest.
Be safe, be warm, and be kind.  You never know how much difference a gentle word or a smile might make to someone.

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