I’m a believer!

Wednesday, Jul 03

Had my first acupuncture treatment, and I’m sold.  No, nothing miraculous happened.  It was very relaxing, though, and I want to follow this trail for a while and see where it leads.  Part of my new taking-care-of-me program.
An update on the bioidentical hormones: I’ve been on the meds six months now–it takes that long for the hormones to get into the blood stream and establish themselves there, apparently–and I KNOW they’re working.  At one time, I had my doubts, but there have been some very positive results in my health since late May and I’m convinced the BHs are part of the solution.  Ditto the many vitamins I take–they aren’t a quick fix, but once you’ve taken them for a while, you begin to recognize the benefits–now to get back to riding my exercise bike.  (Right now, it’s behind a bunch of furniture from the room across the hall from mine–new wood floor going in over there, to complete the make-over–so my space is a bit crowded at the moment.)  #1 reason I feel so much better, though, is God.  Regular prayer and meditation are vital to my all-around well-being.
I finished “Big Sky Secrets” yesterday afternoon–my editor is reading it now, unless I miss my guess.  I usually have  few tweaks to make.  I’m understandably tired and I miss my story people already, but I also feel gratified that I finished the job.
Doctor appointment today–I’m having a stress test for my heart–routine, because of age and family history–and can’t have coffee until afterward.  Bummer. 
Plans for tomorrow: heading out to the lake to spend the 4th with Wendy and Jeremy.  The fireworks start around 10, and they’re always magnificent.  Even better, we can sit on the front deck and watch them.
I’m taking a small vacation July 11-14–all fun, no work, yeehaw!
Tell you more about that later.
Be safe as you celebrate Independence Day and please remember–all that noise can be very scary for pets!

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