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Monday, Dec 23

Which Native American name shall I give myself?  I mean, if Kevin Costner can be Dances-With-Wolves, well, couldn’t I be Sleeps-With-Stones (lately, I’ve been waking up with two sizable moss agates snuggled close and YES, they sing :)–a lullaby, in fact ).  Or, perhaps, Bathes-With-Stones?  (I put a few favorites–moss agate, carnelian, tiger eye–into my bath water, and add chips of rose quartz to my homemade bubble bath.  I splash amethyst water on my face, too.)  Possibly, Spends-Way-Too-Much-Money-On-Stones would be the best fit?
🙂 Any or all of the above would work, methinks.
I continue to keep my Gratitude Journal, and I encourage you to do the same.  It will really shift your attitude, I promise.  REMEMBER, like attracts like.  Dwell on your troubles, your regrets, your disappointments, and you will draw more of the same, only multiplied.  Count your blessings, on the other hand, and more blessings will come your way, also multiplied.  (And please don’t tell me you don’t have any blessings because, 1) You’re obviously still breathing and, 2) you can read.  You have eyes to do that with, and a brain to help you understand.  Find something, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, to be thankful for, and start there.)
I dare you.
New Year’s Day, 2014, happens to be the day of the new moon, a very good time for new beginnings and setting intentions.  (Forget resolutions; they don’t work.)
Fortunately, other methods DO.  I’ve just listened to a wonderful book, THE DESIRE MAP EXPERIENCE, and I’m so impressed.  The author’s name is Diane LePorte (possibly misspelled), and the premise is that when we seek a particular goal, our real desire is for the feeling we expect to have, rather than the objective itself.  I’ve been experimenting (you know me and my experiments) with this idea, and it didn’t take long to come to one very exciting conclusion: IT WORKS. 
Say you’d like a better job, for instance.  Get quiet, go inside, and ask yourself–what would having the right job feel like?  What would it feel like to own a better car?  To have a fulfilling relationship?  More friends?  A closer walk with God?
I’ll be making a “desire map” for myself on New Year’s Day, you’d better believe it.  Maybe I’ll gather some of my favorite stones (clear crystal will amplify and purify any intention), light a few candles, that kind of thing.  And I will definitely pray–because I want the Boss to have the final say in the whole process.  Anything that leads me closer to Him is good.  Anything that leads away, however, is obviously not good.  So I’m seeking clearance from the Head Office, so to speak.  🙂  You can’t go wrong that way.
There’s a book out now–I haven’t read it, but the title alone is life-changing, in my opinion.  It’s GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU–author, Joyce Meyers.  I think too many of us–myself included–have bought into the idea that we’re so bad, God can’t possibly love us.
Except that He does.  That’s the miracle of this holy season and all the rest of the year as well.
My friends, the Boss is NOT mad at you, no matter what you may have thought, said or done.  He looks at you with purest LOVE, not judgement, and awaits patiently for you to come to Him, so He can help, heal and nurture you.  He is always ready to forgive, always ready to give you a new start.
You don’t have to believe me–I’m just an old cowgirl from Spokane.  🙂 
Give it a try, though.
I dare you.
PS-Not only is this Christmas week, it’s also the final week the $50 Amazon/Barnes and Noble gift card prizes will be awarded, so get those comments in.  (And look forward to other great prizes and many, many chances to win them.) 

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