In the words of Winston Churchill…

Wednesday, Nov 07

“Let us go forward together”.  The American people have spoken, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s sacred.  I don’t discuss my private political opinions, ever, but I feel strongly about complainers who never actually get to the polls.  Armchair-quarterbacking, I call that.  If more people would bother to vote (it’s compulsory in Australia, you know) things would change for the better.
I love your comments–Dad taught us to respect the office of the Presidency, no matter what your opinion of the incumbent.  I wish more people would do that.  I would love to see a lot less infighting and a lot more co-operation on both sides.    I don’t think any of us can judge the occupant of the Oval Office unless we’ve been there ourselves, with all the crushing responsibilities that come with the job.  Mercy, I’m just glad I’m in no danger of ever being elected!
I’ll be announcing this week’s book winners later in the day–I’m running behind schedule and must get to the book, which is now called “Big Sky Wedding” instead of “Big Sky Secrets”.  Since the heroine is Brylee Parrish, Hutch Carmody’s jilted bride from “Big Sky Mountain”, I think that’s fitting.  🙂
My beloved editor and agent are hunkering down as another storm descends on New York, along with many other friends who live in the Big Apple.  All of you are very much in my prayers.
Stay safe.

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