It’s Brody Day!!

Tuesday, Jun 28

Yeehaw!  “The Creed Legacy”, Brody’s story and the final book in the Creed Cowboys trilogy, comes out today!  I am SO excited–this one really touches my heart. 

There are bright red peonies popping with color right outside my window as I write this, and the irises are lushly purple.  Nothing more beautiful than flowers blooming in the sunrise.

I had a great writing day yesterday and hope for another one just like it today.  It’s slow-going with this story–“Big Sky Country”–but that’s because it involves some very deep emotions.  A framed cover of “Vanity Fair”, showing Rob Lowe without a shirt, sits on my desk and serves as constant inspiration.  🙂  I have Mary Ann to thank for the frame–before that, the cover was taped to the my office wall.  Only problem is, I keep wanting my hero, Slade Barlow, to take off his shirt.

And speaking of Mary Ann–yesterday, she cleared away all the craft supplies that had accumulated here in the kitchen, and the lack of clutter is a positive luxury.  I am determined to contain my artistic experiments to the craft room/studio downstairs.  (Or at least put things away when I’m through painting or cutting papers for collage.)  My new thing is making paper dolls–I am my mother’s daughter–presently, I swap them on Art42, and that’s LOTS of fun.  I’m in a Traveling Paper Doll round robin at the moment–we each made a basic paper doll, with the theme of travel, and sent it on to the next person in the group, who will add something and then pass it on.  When the dolls find their way home in September, they will have been transformed.  My doll, not surprisingly, is a time traveler.  🙂  I wish I’d taken a picture or scanned her before sending her out, so I could post before and after pictures, but it didn’t happen.  Next time.

That, my friends, is the news from my kitchen table.

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