It’s WHAT time?

Tuesday, Oct 04

I slept in this morning–WAY in.  It’s a cozy, rainy day, so not a bad thing.  🙂

D.I.E.T. update: I’m losing between 1 and 2 pounds per week–not very fast–but the truth is, this food program (BistroMD) is so ridiculously easy, and the food is so good, that I think I could do it for the rest of my life–provided I could have a glass of wine with dinner.  I do miss that.

Workwise: I’m brainstorming for Hutch and Kendra’s book, “Big Sky Mountain”, so I’ll have lots of material to work with.  Hutch says, no way he’s waiting as long as Slade did for his story to get told.  🙂  (It’s a waste of time to argue with these guys–but it’s fun, too.  Just ask the heroines.)

Part of the reason I slept late: I was watching Susan Pickering Rothamel’s new 2 DVD set, called “Art!  Craft!  Create!”  I’ve loved her collages since I first saw them, and she runs a company called USartquest that sells the materials she uses.  So after I watched the first DVD–I’m saving the second for tonight–I went right online and bought some of the stuff she used, because I just HAVE to try it.  🙂   What an age we live in.  I’d just watched the DVD on my laptop, in bed no less, and with a few clicks of the keyboard, I was at her website.  Pretty clever commercial, don’t you think?  Maybe I should make a ‘how to write’ video and sell paper.  It would be boring as heck to watch me, though.  🙂

I continue my experiments with gel transfers on metal–mostly copper, which is my absolute favorite.

I have a radio interview this afternoon, and more brainstorming to do, so I’d better run.

More tomorrow.

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