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Wednesday, Mar 16

Today only, THE MARRIAGE PACT is the Kindle Daily Deal, available for just 99 cents.  🙂
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Went to Weight Watchers today, and was UP about half a pound.  Oh, well.
The complaint-free world bracelets were a hit–I gave away ten.  The leader got the first one, put it right on, and had to move it a minute later.  I had to move mine, too, so no bragging on this front.  After all this time, I’m back on Day 1.
Starting now, I’ll be giving each of the autographed book winners a purple bracelet, so be sure to comment.
Some of you are using other kinds of bracelets, and that’s fine.  That’s what I did, too, until my order arrived.  The item isn’t very expensive, they cost about $1 apiece.  As usual, several people wanted to know if they were supposed to snap themselves with it when they complained.  🙂  That was the first thing that came to my mind, too, and I’ve seen it in the comments a couple of times.  This is not about pain!  Keep in mind, you don’t have to move the bracelet if you’re just stating facts, if you just complain in silent prayer or in your head.  It only counts against you when you say the words out loud.  You DO need to move the band if there’s an oh-poor-me note to your words.  Things like, “This is just my luck” (unless you’re talking about something GOOD) are bracelet-movers, along with other well-worn whinges, such as, “Why me?” or “I always get the short end of the stick.”
You see, your statements are 90 percent of the REASON things happen to you, good, bad or indifferent.  Your subconscious mind has no sense of humor.  It does not weigh the things you say against reality.  It simply sends more of whatever you have been claiming to be true.  
Today’s Weekly, a Weight Watchers publication, has a great quote about why we need to keep on trying, no matter how many times we mess up, and of course this applies to food, exercise or anything else.  We all fail sometimes when we’re trying to accomplish some goal.  It’s easy to say, What’s the use? (bracelet-mover alert) and throw in the towel.  But ask yourself: “If I broke an egg, would I smash the other eleven?  If I tripped on one step, would I hurl myself down the flight of stairs?” 
Think about it.

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