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Monday, Jun 30

Mom, Sadie, Bernice and I are cozied in at the lake house. It is wonderful to be out here again, where it’s quiet. I was up extra early this morning–and that’s okay. I live at a different pace at the lake. And there’s always the nap option! Mom and I haven’t had much time together, due to all my travels and construction at the other place, so this is very nice.

Sadie and Bernice always have a little trouble adjusting–the windows overlooking the lake are floor to ceiling, and Sadie-beagle feels duty bound, until she gets used to the change anyway, to alert me that there are PEOPLE out there, boating, skiing, fishing and swimming. (The nerve. :)). Bernicie always sniffs every corner and then pees somewhere she shouldn’t. 🙂

Plans for the day include:

A chapter of the new book (TYLER) written.

Flowers and fresh fish from the store in town. (I cooked up the regulation 3 and 1/2 ozs of Chilean Sea Bass yesterday for lunch, using my George Foreman grill. DE-licious!)

A run to Barnes and Noble, just for fun. I inherited my deep love of books from Mom, and we LOVE to prowl the stacks, even though we both own hundreds, if not thousands, of books.

And perhaps a round of “Bookolpoly”, the board game Mom brought with her. We have Scrabble on the shelf, but if you’re going to play THAT game with my mother, you’d better be taking double vitamins. I’m good at it–she’s LETHAL. 🙂

Supper and early to bed, with a good book.

Life is good.

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