Lake Notes–Late!

Wednesday, Mar 28

I apologize for the delay. Got a call from my good friend and long-time employee, Debbie Korrell, this morning. She wanted to know–where is the blog you promised???

Maybe you wondered, too.

Anyway, here I am. I won’t bore you with the details, but the fireplace was beeping continuously, so I had to get a repair man out or go crazy! The drier needed different wiring. Furniture was delivered. You get the idea.

Yesterday, “McKettrick’s Heart”, the third book in the trilogy, hit the stores. This is Keegan and Molly’s story, but you’ll see characters you’ve already grown to love, too.

When I stumbled out to the living room this morning, took the dogs out, made coffee, etc., the lake was shrouded in fog. To the west, a patch opened, like a rift between two separate worlds–I glimpsed the houses there, and then they were gone again. It was a magical thing. Dogs taken care of and coffee made, I sat down to journal. My studio office is furnished now and, while still not permanently arranged, I can work here. I bought a love seat–it is delicious. Looks like something from a harem!

We (assistant/niece Jenni is here, too) have a pair of American bald eagles that live and hunt from the tall pine down nearer the beach. It’s amazing to watch them through binoculars, but of course we have to be very careful of the dogs. They were bemused to be in a new place, but are settling in nicely now.

More news from the lake tomorrow.

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