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Monday, Nov 30

As I write this, Button is on my lap, constantly head-butting my arm in a rather successful attempt to reorder my priorities: to wit, #1, the Cat.  #2, Everything else in the cosmos.  For an old fella–he’s 20–he’s energetic.
It’s a regular menagerie around here at the moment; besides Wiki and His Royal Highness the Button-Man, daughter Wendy’s cat, Cooper, is visiting, along with our circuit dog, Cherry Pie.   
Other business: this week’s winners are Rose Marie Moran and Jane.  By now, you will have received an email from Jenni, verifying that you are the actual winners.  You will each receive an autographed book.  The new contest is up and running as if today–two winners will be chosen at random, notified by Jenni, and announced here next Monday.  If you comment, you’re entered.
I had a wonderful, quiet Thanksgiving with Wendy and Jeremy–turkey with all the customary trimmings and lots of happy talk and plan-making.  In other words, there was a great deal to be thankful for, that special day and EVERY day.
I have a book to recommend–this was in the blog that got partly eaten last week.  The title is “Make Miracles in 40 Days”, and the author is Melody Beattie, who wrote the classic “Co-Dependent No More”, along with many other books of rich and applicable content.  I’m on Day 9 of following the very simple exercise Ms. Beattie recommends, and I can tell you, it’s working!!!  
I discovered the book on during my admittedly plush exile through the power outage that followed our big windstorm, and it marked a watershed moment for me.  I mean, this book has done more to change my way of thinking than any book since “The Course in Miracles” and “Autobiography of a Yogi”, to name just two of my favorites.  
Later, using player points, of which I have a great many, which is why we ate and camped out in hotel rooms for 3 nights and 4 days, I bought a not-very-expensive but still lovely crystal heart necklace to remind myself that God definitely took care of me and mine during our banishment from the Triple L–in spite of all my grousing about wanting to Go Home.  
Last night, on my tablet, I watched four–count ’em, FOUR–movies.  I, who have not watched that many flicks in 4 years, never mind one night.  (No, I don’t hate movies.  I just have ADD, and sitting still is hard for me.)  Why?  Well, I couldn’t find anything on TV, and I was in the mood for classics.  So I took in “Meet Me in St. Louis” (what is more beautiful, I ask you, than the way Judy Garland sang, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”?), “The Bells of St. Mary’s”, which I had seen in pieces but never in one sitting, “Little Women” (the one with June Allyson), which I have seen countless times, and, finally, “Little Boy Lost”, starring the incomparable Bing Crosby.  (Did you know that Spokane was Bing’s hometown?  Fittingly, we named a theater after him.)  I had never seen “Little Boy”, or even heard of it, but it was really wonderful.
OK, Button is back.  He’s behaving himself at the moment, but I’m sure the head-butting will start up again any second now.
Blessings, one and all.

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