Let’s try this again….

Monday, Apr 23

Busy day ahead–completing Chapter 3, heading to the dentist’s office, and meeting with my depression/anxiety group this afternoon.  I’m not really depressed OR anxious, but this eight-week program is part of my treatment for ADD–yes, I have just been formally diagnosed–and I’m here to tell you, I’m so grateful because the medicine makes a such a difference.  I can actually concentrate!  I used to call it Firefly Syndrome, which I still think is a prettier name, but there you go.
On Saturday I drove up to the north end to see my mom–after taking Bernice to the barn to hunt mice–fortunately, without success–and stopped on the way for Chinese food because neither of us felt like going to a restaurant.  Mom had set the table beautifully with blue and white Spode dishes–our tastes are so similar, because I love blue and white, too.  We lunched and chatted and it was wonderful to catch up.  Also delivered the belated Easter basket.  🙂  That’s how it goes with writers and deadlines.
On the way home, I stopped off at Michael’s and Spokane Art Supply, two of my favorite haunts on that end of the city, but upon arrival here at the Triple L, I was greeted by an eager Yorkie.  I didn’t have the heart to disappoint her–such hope–so back to the barn we went.  Later, I was able to mess around with my art journal and some artist trading cards.  This is my idea of utter bliss.
Sunday brought two more trips to the barn with Bernicie, and more art therapy.  🙂  I’m glad she never seems to spot the mice that run past when she’s looking the other way–the cats are better hunters and occasionally bring me a present I could have done without.  I always thank them, though, because their little kitty hearts are in the right place.
More tomorrow.
(Thanks to all of you who supplied the lines to the poem.)

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