Letting It Snow

Monday, Nov 21

As if I could make it stop.  🙂  It’s quite beautiful, actually, but I’m not sure people who don’t work at home, as I do, would agree. 

Bernice and I did take our walks, wading through the white stuff, on both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a slog for me–no plowing has been done yet–but Neecie-bear found a tire track and hit her stride right away.  It was so cute, the way she trotted along–pranced might be a better word–and when she encountered deeper snow, she did that hop-plunge thing dogs are so good at.  This morning, she stood on the deck with her head back, lapping up the flakes as they fell.

The food in Toronto was truly excellent, but, as expected, I am very glad to be back on the plan.  Looks like my weight stayed the same, which is good.  🙂  My goal was simply to have a good time on the trip and to enjoy everything about it, and I did, without going overboard.  (Well, there was that extra glass of wine—) 🙂

I spent the weekend relaxing and keeping warm.  I’m reading Sue Grafton’s new book, “V is for Vengeance” and enjoying it tremendously.  I’ve been with Kinsey Millhone since “A”–I love her dry sense of humor and her resourcefulness.  What’s not to love about a gal who kept a pair of pantyhose under the seat of her Volkswagon and wriggled into them when she needed to dress up on the spur of the moment?  I think her dress was wadded up in her handbag.  🙂

Note the jacket I was wearing in the picture I posted yesterday.  Would you believe I bought it on QVC?  🙂  Love the Bob Mackie jackets.  Since it had horse spit on one shoulder when I got home from Toronto, I popped the thing into the washer and dryer and now it looks as good as ever.  The price was right, too.  Gotta love it.

Today, I’ll be writing away.

And so it goes.

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