Life is what happens…

Wednesday, Nov 17

When you’ve made other plans. 🙂

I certainly hadn’t planned on finding black mold in the basement store room, but there it is. Fortunately, it hasn’t spread, and there are people coming in to deal with it. One of those jobs I’m glad somebody wants to do, because I sure wouldn’t. It might explain some of the low-energy problems we’re had around here, animal and human, too.

I’m getting used to the machine. What a difference oxygen makes.

Sadie and Bernice spent all day yesterday at the vet’s office–had their teeth cleaned, etc. The house is just too quiet when they’re not here.

Yesterday, I wrote the outline for “Creed’s Legacy” and today I’ll be drafting chapter one. Yeehaw!!!

My organization campaign is coming along well–tackling the over-filled book shelf in my kitchen today, after I finish writing.

The weather man has been predicting snow for a while now, but so far, we’ve only had one little p+*%-ant storm. It wasn’t even pretty, for Pete’s sake. Whatever the weather might do this winter, however, I’ve already made up my mind to like it. 🙂

Hold me to that, will you? 🙂

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