Linda Goes Pyro

Tuesday, Nov 04

Don’t panic!  I’m not playing with matches or anything like that, though I have been known to smoke up the kitchen and permanently bond bread wrappers to the sides of innocent toasters.   🙂  I came across a magazine called “Pyrography”–commonly known as wood-burning, of course–and I was blown away by the possibilities!  Wow, there are some artists out there doing downright amazing stuff!  So I’m going to have to dig out my old Walnut Hollow woodburning tool and see what happens.  🙂  Check out artist Sue Walters if you’re curious, and there’s an online museum at
Like I need another art hobby.  🙂  I’ve GOT to try this, though.
We’re still having murky weather–I’m back to using my happy lights for sure.  I have a really powerful one downstairs that I turn on in the early mornings, to shine me awake while I’m studying the Course in Miracles, journaling, etc.  I also have a floor lamp, here in my office, and its a lifesaver.  (For those of you who are new here, by ‘happy lights’, I mean the full-spectrum kind we S.A.D. types use in fall and winter.)
Growing season is over for sure, but the kale and Swiss chard I planted last week are coming up.  According to Doug, handyman extraordinaire, the little buggers will grow right up through a layer of snow.  Nature is amazing.  Actually, GOD is amazing.
Be sure to comment if you’d like to enter this week’s contest, by the way.
Tomorrow is Weight Watchers–should be interesting.  🙂  I may have discovered the plateau-culprit–sugar-free gum.  I was chewing a lot of it.  Well, turns out, every stick has 2 carbohydrates–not a lot.  Unless you’re going through a package a day…

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