Tuesday, Jan 22

There’s a good article in this month’s issue of Oprah magazine. The author tells of writing a list of 100 qualities she’d like in a husband. With a difficult divorce behind her, and having been widowed after her second marriage, her prospects didn’t look too hot. On the advice of a counselor, she wrote the list anyway, and tucked it away. Five years later, she met a man who had 98 of the 100 qualities she had asked for! I’m here to tell you, I was impressed. Impressed enough to make my own list of 100. It rests safely in my underwear drawer at this very moment. I recommend that you read the article, even if you’re not in the market for a husband or wife. (Believe me, I don’t mind being single. I’m pretty cussed and set in my ways, but I can’t resist this type of experiment.) The list of 100 could apply to any kind of goal–financial, educational–or just a ‘bucket’ list. (The things you want to do and experience before you kick the bucket.) I’ve got one of those underway, too. What do we have to lose, after all, besides some ink, some thought, and a few sheets of paper?

What if it WORKED?????

It’s important to read the follow-up article, because it contains some excellent advice.

Other Linda recommendations (books):

The Traveler’s Gift, by Andy Andrews

Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer, by Gregg Braden.

Go make a list.

I promise to keep you posted on mine.

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