Little Visitors

Monday, Jul 20

This morning, about to upend a pot of dead marigolds (it’s a long, sad story) into the compost bin, I spied, spied I (okay, sometimes I just can’t help playing with words like that) the merest flash of movement. I’ve been hoping for earthworms–it’s a composting thing–although not the Giant Palouse Earthworm that has been on the local news lately. Instead, the little visitor turned out to be the smallest frog I have ever seen.

As for the Giant Palouse, well, this critter is supposedly three feet long and spits at its prey. They showed a sample of the thing in a huge zip-lock bag, and we are talkin’ ugly here, folks. Supposedly, there are real scientists involved here, the Palouse valley being, among other things, the home of Washington State University, but I’ve got to tell you, I’m skeptical. It sounds like a snipe-hunt to me.

However, if I should open my compost bin some fine summer morning and come face-to-snout with the Giant Palouse, well…

I guess toes up in front of the compost-bin is as good a way for a gardener to go as any.


Make it a good day. Heck, haul off and make it a good WEEK.

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