Lock-picking Horse and/or Bananas vs. Crackers

Wednesday, Apr 15

This afternoon when my now 15-year-old Yorkie, Bernice, (yesterday was her birthday) were out for our walk, we stopped to watch with amused interest while Banjo, one of my horses, tried to pick the lock on one of the stall doors.  Although supper time was a ways off–and he has, after all, access to 10 acres of grass–he’d apparently decided it was time to retire for the evening.  🙂  No doubt he was hoping to find some sweet feed in his feeder, silly horse.  Some things run in families, even equine families–we nicknamed Banjo’s big sister, Skye, “Houdini” a long time ago, because she’s so good at opening latches with her lips and teeth.  She has been known to bust herself out of her stall and then turn all the others loose.
As Wednesday is Weight Watchers day, Jen and I attended our meeting this morning, and our leader, Elizabeth, said something that really hit home with us.  We were talking about Power Foods–those that are nutritious and have a zero point value–and she showed a picture of a banana opposite an ounce of snack crackers.  Elizabeth pointed out that, while she’s been known to eat crackers, or something similar, and keep going back for more, but she couldn’t recall EVER eating a banana and then consuming five or six more.  🙂  The message?  It’s best to choose a food that will nourish one’s body in the first place.
Those are my words of wisdom for today.  🙂  Keep commenting.

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