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Monday, Feb 02

Sorry about that.  I won’t bore you with the reasons, as they are all mundane and pretty much the stuff we all have to deal with from time to time.
First order of business: This week’s contest winners are JULIE WATSON and TAMMY RAGLE.  Congratulations, ladies! 
What’s that you say?  You didn’t win?  Well, not to worry.  Simply comment and you’re entered in the current round.  Next Monday morning, two NEW winners’ names will be announced right here on this blog.  Each winner receives a signed copy of my newest available book.
Many of you have been wondering about the Wishing Machine.  I’m still experimenting with this very interesting device, so I don’t have a solid story to tell–yet.  I’ve had one experience with the machine and I definitely got results, but they were subtle and pretty personal, so I hesitate to describe them here.  You can see the machine and read the testimonials of other users at: www.wishingmachineproject.com.  I will say that I’ve become friends with Brad Mulder, creator of the machine, and he has generously offered to answer any questions you might have.  Simply enter them in the comment section (yes, it will count as an entry for next week’s contest :))and Brad will enter a reply.
 Yes, there are ghosts and ghoulies aplenty, and True Crime Tuesdays can be pretty gnarly, but host Dave Schrader is a man of light, not darkness.)  I am LOVING the beautiful prayers in this book and I can tell you this: they work.
Another print book I could not put down, one I also heard about on Darkness Radio, by the way, was Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s “Enounters With the Star People: Untold Stories of American Indians.”  I’ve never been very interested in UFOs, frankly, though I’ve also never questioned that they exist.  To me, it seems impossible that, in a universe this huge and, moreover, a universe that may be only a bubble on an ocean of universes, Earth could possibly be the only planet populated by (arguably) intelligent life.  Anyway, I AM interested in the culture and legends of American Indians, so I read the book–in one sitting.  FASCINATING!  I’m now well into Ms. Clarke’s other book, “Sky People: Untold Stories of Encounters in Mesoamerica.”
Over the weekend, I listened to Laila Ibrahim’s “Yellow Crocus”, an antebellum-era novel about the bond between a slave woman named Mattie and her charge, Elizabeth.  While there were some minor errors, such as the use of the terms “hello” and “okay”, neither of which were known at the time of the story, the characters were wonderfully drawn and the story was compelling.  Since I’m writing a Civil War era novel myself at the moment, I’m more interested in the subject than ever–and that’s saying something, my friends.

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