Martha Stewart Has Created a Monster!

Monday, Aug 18

And I am that monster!

Saturday was a busy day–I wrote a chapter of TYLER, as I did Sunday and will again today. (I’m about a week from being finished–after a short, very short, breather, I will begin work on THE BRIDEGROOM, the next “Stone Creek” novel.)

Since my cousin had had surgery on Tuesday, I planned to stop by the hospital briefly, bringing flowers, a card, and general good wishes. And I needed a few other things, miscellaneous stuff, so I hit Wal-Mart first. (Wal-Mart on a Saturday. Whole nuther story!)

I bought Tracei’s roses, a vase, and some of those pretty crystal-like marbles to jazz it up, plus a pair of scissors because this was going to be a hospital rest-room job. (I already had the card, one of those nifty musical ones with Dr. Dreamy of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fame on the front.) I followed through on this plan, too. (I was on a roll! Following through is tough for me, since I suffer from a severe case of the Firefly Syndrome.)

But first, because I was in Wal-Mart, I just HAD to cruise down the craft aisle. And there was a whole new line of Martha Stuff!! I was instantly hooked on the GLITTER–especially a shade called ‘Fire Opal’. I bought a whole slew of it and, after my visit to Tracei, who is recovering nicely by the way, I came home and dutifully tucked it all into a craft box marked “Glitter.” (I’m trying really hard to get organized.) I even put it downstairs, in the area that will be my studio.

On my breaks yesterday, I was doing polymer clay transfers, and most of them were a bust, because that’s the way the old cookie crumbles when you’re trying new things, but a few turned out really well. I’d gone to bed last night, turned out the light, turned on my iPod and settled in for a long (short?) summer’s rest, when suddenly I got the IDEA. Put some of that glitter around the edges of the clay tiles I’d made. I switched the light back on, made a note, and tried really hard to go to sleep. Well, I couldn’t! So I got up, fetched the glitter box, and did the deed.

WOW. It looks just fabulous!!!

Now, I want to glitter everything in sight.

Here, Sadie-Sadie—-


It’s all Martha’s fault.

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