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Tuesday, Aug 03

🙂 This morning’s weather is, once again, stunningly beautiful. When I finish here, I’ll be doing some watering in the container garden–strawberries are finally coming on, and there are lots of green tomatoes. Now for some red ones. 🙂 The zuchini just keeps on arriving, of course, and that’s fine with me. I love the stuff.

After watering, journaling. (You’d think I’d get enough of writing with my books, wouldn’t you? But I THRIVE on journaling. ) I do morning pages, ala Julia Cameron, meaning three pages of handwritten, stream of consciousness stuff, but lately my pages have turned into written prayers. This nurtures something deep in my soul–hard to explain, but there it is.

Last night I watched a great new DVD–twice! It’s called “Textures for Collage: Build ‘Em Up”, hosted by Sue Pelletier. FABULOUS. Check it out at: www/clothpaperscissorsworkshop.com

I’ve also discovered a new artist, whose stuff I truly love. Her name is Andrea Seiler–www.andreatdesigns.ETSY.com. Her style is fantastic.

And then there’s Tascha, who sells prints on Etsy and originals on eBay. I’m bidding on one of her pieces right now. 🙂 (Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that. Now, I might have more competition.)

My first trade, as a co-ordinator, just ended on Art42. I forgot one tiny detail–to join the trade myself. 🙂 I’m keeping a log book of my various ATC trades now, so I won’t lose track and goof up somewhere. I’m in a new kind of swap, too–Jointed Paper Dolls. I’m getting adventurous, it seems, because I’ve never made an art doll before. I find the concept pretty interesting, though.

I guess I’ve yammered on enough for today.

That’s the news.

I’m not sure why my computer isn’t making actual links the way it usually does.

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