Monday Notes

Monday, Mar 08

I’m glad you can’t see my kitchen table right now–it is covered with art supplies. 🙂 I’ve been making ATCs this weekend, some for swapping and some for keeping in one of the binders I reserve for such things. The technique of the week (poetry is in my blood, just kidding) has been rubber stamping an image onto white tissue paper and then gluing it to a background. The glue, of course, makes the tissue transparent, and the effect can be really cool. (Also, it can look weird, but that’s the nature of artistic discovery.) When the tissue is dry, I like to color in with markers.

I have a million things to do to get ready for the trip to Barcelona, but I’m not in a panic. They will all get done. How can I be so sure? Because, somehow, things always DO get done.

I started crocheting a pillow on Friday nite, and it’s a really pretty pattern. However, I made a very visible mistake, so I’m ripping it out. Starting over. Needlework is very soothing to the soul, so I will continue.

How about those Oscars? I didn’t actually watch–I just waited to find out this morning–but I was very happy for Sandra Bullock especially. And for Jeff Bridges. I could relate to his emotion about his dad. I still miss mine like crazy.

And so it goes.

Lots to do, lots to think about, and lots to be grateful for.

Be blessed.

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