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Monday, Feb 01

I wrote all weekend, and it bears saying that while I did not write rapidly, I did write well.

Each of the Texas McKettrick stories has touched me in a deep and particular way. I become totally engaged with every book I write, of course; it’s almost impossible not to, because writing books requires so much time and energy and love. The process is often difficult, always challenging, and so incredibly rewarding. I truly wouldn’t have it any other way, but it takes a lot of stamina and stick-to-it sometimes.

Over the weekend, I worked on my laptop, upstairs in my room, looking out over the rainy, foggy draw behind my house. The dogs and cats love it when I work there, because then they can snooze and still keep track of my whereabouts. 🙂 As soon as I sat down and set my fingertips on the keyboard, I was immediately sucked into the story-world, where the characters live. It was magical, even though I was in my pajamas, smeared with Vicks and taking Tylenol every four hours.

My mother and brother share a birthday, just as my dad and I did, and yesterday, January 31, was their big day. The cards and presents went out late, but the love is there. Happy birthday, Mom and Jerry, and thanks for understanding that sometimes it’s hard to make it back from Blue River, Texas in time to head for the post office.

I love you both.

Because my brain would probably explode if I didn’t do some art work regularly, I had some fun making on ATCs for some trades I’m involved in on and

Sadie is off to her exercise day, and I’m off to Blue River.


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