Monday’s Winners on Tuesday

Tuesday, Jul 14

Congratulations to Lori Payer and Phyllis Schaefer, our winners for this week.  🙂  The new contest is in full swing, and all you have to do to enter is comment.  Two of you will be chosen at random, and autographed books will be winging your way in no time at all.
Truth to tell, I haven’t been doing much except work, though I’ve had a couple of experiences recently that I wanted to pass on to you. 
First, one day last week, I was driving along one of our country roads, headed for the store, and a mama moose appeared, accompanied by a baby that must have been brand new, it was so little.  (For a moose.)  I slowed and watched, fascinated, as the two of them crossed the pavement and disappeared into the woods on the other side.
I smile every time I think of that scene.
The second experience involved an entirely different kind of critter.  I was sitting on the back deck, early one morning, enjoying the view and a cup of coffee, when I heard this VERY loud buzzing sound just to the left of my head.  I about jumped out of my skin, thinking this has to be one heck of a bee, and turned, ready to defend myself, only to come face-to-beak with a hummingbird.  I swear, that little fella hovered there for at least 10 seconds, tiny wings ablur, watching me right back.  I was amazed–never thought I’d get up close and personal with one of those.
Yet another entry for my gratitude journal.

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