Montserrat (Day 15)

Saturday, Mar 27

This is the facade of the basilica at Montserrat–so far, this ancient monastery has been our favorite stop. As I snapped this shot in the courtyard, the cathedral bells were ringing, echoing all around us.

Montserrat is the home of the famous Black Virgin; we waited in line for at least half an hour to see her. She’s dated to the 12th century, so pretty amazing.

After Montserrat, we visited the seaside town of Sitges, and it was beautiful, being on the shores of the Med and all. We were disappointed, after the glories of Montserrat, because we arrived during siesta and by the time the shops opened up again, it was time to head for the bus. I did have a delicious pasta for lunch, however. 🙂

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we’re planning on a REALLY slow start. As our dear old daddy used to say, Sally and I have had about all the fun we can stand for one day.

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