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Wednesday, Jun 06

I’m still a little rummy (as in tired, not drunk) so I’m off to a slower start today.  Oh, well.  I’m so eager to get back into my story–what fun I’m having with this bunch of characters!
It’s rainy out this morning–make that this WEEK–but I’ve got my happy lamp and my pets and it’s all good.  I miss the small furry people very much whenever I’m away from home–and the large ones, too.  I need to pay a visit to the horses later today, just to say howdy and soak up some of that horse-energy.  It’s like medicine to me.
I spent yesterday recovering, as I mentioned on the blog.  I couldn’t resist getting out the polymer clay and making a few tiles, ala Laurie Mika.  🙂  Out of the whole batch, there’s one keeper, but that’s typical of learning something new.  (Which I love–it’s the mistakes that teach me the most, not the successes.)  I did take a few other classes–I studied painting and collaging on Plexi-Glass with a wonderful teacher whose name escapes me at the moment–I’ll post it later–and took a block carving class from Pam Carricker, yet another of my favorites.  This was a night class and frankly I was so exhausted that I didn’t learn a lot–I’m eager to take another class from Pam at some point in the future.  Her work is flat-out amazing.  So many workshops, so little time.  🙂
When I wasn’t taking classes, I spent a lot of quality time with my beautiful daughter, Wendy, and her husband-to-be, Jeremy.  (We’re planning the wedding this summer.  It will probably take place in the fall.)  Wendy and I did some catching up, and shopped a bit–nothing exotic, really.  We went to Target, where Wendy got some new summer clothes.  When it comes to shopping on this trip, the Artists’ Faire, which was part of the CREATE gathering, was well beyond fabulous.  I picked up some very unique items there–mostly little gee-gaws to add to the tiles I’m making–and a few paints I hadn’t seen before.  The discoveries are, at least for me, the best thing about mixed media–it’s such a kick when I try something and it actually works, but no effort is wasted, either.  As stated above, the fizzles are the most educational.  Laurie turned us all on to the wonderful rubber stamps at–now I know why I have so many rubber stamps.  🙂  I just KNEW I was going to need them.
Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and questions.  Keep them coming.
I’m off to Parable.

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