More Fabulous Weather!

Wednesday, Oct 20

Autumn. It is SO beautiful.

The wild turkeys are back–I keep warning them about Thanksgiving!–and the moose are around, too. There are HUGE hoof prints out by the barn, but the horses don’t seem to mind the visits. Trust me, if the horses are unhappy about anything, we know about it pronto. 🙂

I’m writing, writing, writing! And I LOVE this book. I can’t wait to share the new Creed series with all of you.

In my ‘spare time’, I play with my art supplies. I’m taking two art vacations next year–I’ll be attending Teesha Moore’s Artfest, in April, over in Port Townsend, WA, and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, in New York, next June. I am so excited! The latter is famous,among other things, for the before and after self-portraits, one drawn the first day, one the last. The contrast is usually amazing, and I promise I will be blogging and posting my drawings. (This may not be possible from Artfest. I’m not sure there’s wireless on site and its more of a mixed media kind of deal. Translation: messy. 🙂

And that’s the news on this crisp Wednesday morning.

13 Bean soup for lunch.

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