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Thursday, Sep 08

Maybe that should be the new name for the blog.  🙂

I’m feeling better every day, though of course I still miss my Sadie-bean something fierce.  I’m so grateful for every moment we got to share, that beagle and I.  She was a joy to me the whole time she was here, and I treasure every memory.

Bernice had a big adventure this morning on her walk with Jenni.  They met up with a family of wild turkeys and suddenly this Yorkie was a mighty hunter.  🙂  Of course she couldn’t catch them, but she sure tried.  And then there’s the question, “What would she have done if she had
caught one?  Most of them are three or four times her size.

I’m reading a memoir called “Breaking Night” on my Nook.  *The author’s name escapes me, but it’s absolutely riveting, though sad.  If you like memoirs, as I do, I highly recommend this one.  My all-time favorite of the genre is still Jeanette Walls’ fabulous, “The Glass Castle”, though, with Lisa See’s “On Gold Mountain” running a close second.  And then there’s John Grogan’s wonderful “Marley and Me”–well, I could go on all day.

I’m off to write a new chapter–Slade was on a roof, shirtless, when I left him.  🙂  Mama mia.
He looks mighty good from any angle.

And that’s the news.
*Liz Murray

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