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Thursday, Mar 07

There was, fortunately, a bit of time for sleeping in and generally goofing off on my recent trip, as well as lots of exciting things to see and do.
My goodness, the PEOPLE–Steve Black, Bill Francis, Renae Kinsey, Buck and Goldie Taylor–movers and shakers, every one of them, and now dear friends as well.  And then there were all the book club members who showed up to hear me speak and get a book or two signed.  Judy and her retired firefighter husband especially stand out in my memory of that wonderful afternoon–what fine folks they are.
Wendy and I are seeing “Warhorse” tonight–the stage play, that is.  I hope I can get through it without crying and getting mascara all over my face.  🙂  I didn’t DARE go to the movie, because just watching the trailer on TV could undo me.  I guess they use life-size puppets in this production, ala “The Lion King”, and that will be something to see.  It’s a big month for going to the theater–“West Side Story” is on the schedule, too.  (And I know EVERY song from that show, so Wendy will probably be nudging me regularly, reminding me to stop singing along.  :))  Since she actually CAN sing, it must be painful to listen to me–I dearly love music of all kinds and I’m as tone deaf as my old daddy was.
There will be another contest, too.  I will announce it tomorrow and award the prize the following Friday. 
Lunch with Mom and Sister Pam, she of the fabulous beaded bracelets, this coming Sunday.
And I’m almost back up to speed, energy-wise.
I’ll give you the low-down on “Warhorse” tomorrow.
Be blessed.

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