Mother’s Day and other stuff, too

Monday, May 12

Yesterday, we (Mom, my brother Jerry, sister Pam and her husband Jon, plus Wendy and Jeremy) celebrated a lovely Mother’s Day at one our favorite haunts, a restaurant called The Onion.  Pam and Jon live in Seattle, and Jerry traveled from his home near Ellensburg, and there was a lot of laughing and picturetaking.  🙂  Only one sib missing, sister Sally.  (We missed you, Sal.)
On Saturday, Bernice and I had another adventure: we drove to Hobby Lobby instead of just going out to get the mail and make a sweep around the neighborhood.  I brought along a towel, a bowl and some water, and one of her beds–be prepared, that’s my motto.  🙂  Once we arrived at Craft Mecca, I got the dog situated, cracking a window slightly, making sure she had water, etc., locked up and went inside.  Now, mind you, the Yorkster was just fine where she was, but I couldn’t help being a little obsessive.  (Okay, a lot.)  I think that must have been my fastest trip ever, because I just about threw sparks, racing through the place.  Sure enough, when I got back to the truck with the loot, Bernice was just fine, though very happy to see me, as always.  I replaced the towel (yes, I know about those pads some of you mentioned, and use them at home), plunked the Bear back on my lap, buckled up and headed for home.
Our original objective, as you may remember, was to pick up the mail from the day before.  As it turned out, the post-person was there, with the boxes all open, so we came back later. 
Before I forget–I am prone to forgetting, alas–I was supposed to announce the names of last week’s winners on Friday.  Didn’t happen.  Now, Jen is off in Scotland on a well-deserved adventure, and I’m having a little trouble finding their names.  They have been notified, however, and not to worry–you will receive your prizes.  🙂
A new contest began today–all you need to do is enter a comment.  On Friday, I will choose 2 new winners at random, notify them, and announce their names.  (No, really, I will.)  In the meantime, I will try to find my current winners–knowing Super Jen, your prizes are probably already on their way.
What I’m listening to: BUT ENOUGH ABOUT YOU, by Christopher Buckley.  This is a collection of essays, most of which are witty as all get-out, though a few of the really serious ones were too gritty for me, and I had to skip that particular track.  Buckley, among his other accomplishments, was a White House speechwriter during the elder George Bush’s administration, and though some of the material is political, there’s nothing heavy-duty.  My favorite essays, so far, are Buckley’s made-up histories of things like the hotel mini bar.  VERY funny stuff.
I’m downloading a couple of books by one of my favorite mystery/suspense writers, Patricia MacDonald.  I may have read them, though they didn’t sound familiar.  (Even a sketchy memory has its upside, I guess.)
May the Good Lord bless and keep you.
I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow, as Daily Audio Bible’s Brian Hardin likes to say.

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