Mother’s Day Report

Monday, May 09

My favorite (and only) brother drove up from Kittitas yesterday, and he and I took our mom out for a lovely brunch at Prospector’s, up on the north end of town.  She was all spiffed up for the day, and a grand time was had by all.  After a delicious meal, we headed over to Fred Meyers to do a little shopping–Mom and I shopped, anyway.  Jerry just waited patiently and then loaded up the car.

Later in the day, once I was back home, I had a long talk with daughter Wendy.  Her movie, “Truth Below”, as been moved to June 16, on MTV, at 10 pm Pacific.  Warning: this movie is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended.  🙂  That said, I’m very proud of Wendy and all her accomplishments.  She is an amazing woman, my baby girl, with an inborn talent as a writer and an even greater capacity for hard work.  Talent, of course, is not enough on its own.

I’m writing today, and also reading through a manuscript.  I spent the whole of last evening reading the wrong one.  Duh. 

The weather is overcast this morning, but some sunshine might creep in a little later on, and I’m ready for it.  🙂

I threw together a few artist trading cards over the weekend, and made a quick trip to Walmart, where I bought some plastic containers to hold the new art supplies I picked up on my recent visit to Colorado Springs.  (I’m trying to get organized, but it’s a big job.)  I hosted a trade on Art 42 and sent out all the art dolls on Saturday.  The swap was a lot of fun for me, and I already have another one set up.  Check it out online–Steampunk Paper Doll is the name of the trade. 

The peonies in my backyard are sure leafing out.


And that’s the news for today, my friends.

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