My Whimsical Table

Tuesday, May 12

I spent last weekend potting plants purchased on Saturday morning, at Lowe’s. The place was a madhouse. 🙂 Still, I ended up with mini-dahlias, a pink azalea, some lavender, a few marigolds, etc. The next day I was at Fred Meyer, purchasing more potting soil. As a newbee at this gardening thing, I have trouble estimating how much dirt I’m going to need. According to this morning’s weather report, we’re going to get a freeze tonight, so I’ll be hauling all those pots into the kitchen late this afternoon. Good thing I resisted the urge to jump the gun and plant things in the ground.

I bought an unfinished wooden table some time ago–I think I mentioned it on this blog–and it sat in the garage for weeks. Finally, I asked members of the ranch crew to bring it downstairs, to my office, where I’m writing this, and MORE weeks passed. I was waiting for just the right idea, though I had a vague concept that I wanted it to look McKenzie-Childs-ish. With lots of bright colors, stripes, checks (I am passionate about checkerboard designs) and polka dots. Once I basecoated the table with antique ivory, the floodgates opened! Now it has one blue leg, one gold, one green, and one pink. I applied polka dots (blue on green, etc.) with the eraser end of a pencil, a trick I’ve seen on many a craft show. The sides are the forementioned colors, with gold stripes, painted freehand and (I like to think) charmingly folksy. (Read: uneven) The top will be black and cream checks, and I may or may not add houses and trees. 🙂 Although the piece is far from finished, it lifts my heart every time I look at it.

One thing leads to another. Now I’m thinking: chairs. 🙂

Sadie has lost 11 pounds even, as of yesterday!

And now, to work. Those Texas McKettricks are up to mischief.

Tomorrow: what I learned from my zinnia seedlings.

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