Never Look Back

Monday, Jun 27

Well, it’s time to shift gears. This weekend, visiting Barnes and Noble, at Desert Ridge mall, near my house, what should my eyes fall upon but copies of “Never Look Back”, in paperback! I did not expect to see the book for several more days.

For those of you who read the first Clare and Tony mystery/romance, “Don’t Look Now”, and missed the second, “Never Look Back”, when it came out in trade paperback, here’s your chance. More lively adventures of Clare Westbrook, smart-ass attorney at law, and Tony Sonterra, homicide cop delicious. Not a dull moment with these two, I promise. Someone is always trying to kill one or both of them, and in the meantime, they’re trying hard to work out their relationship, which is an up and down proposition to say the least!

The third and final book in the series, aptly titled “One Last Look”, will be released in trade paperback in January of 06. For now, if you haven’t met Clare and Tony, start with “Don’t Look Now” and “Never Look Back”. Can I promise that you’ll love the books? No. But I CAN promise you won’t be bored.

More tomorrow.

I’m thinking of organizing a new 12-Step program. Drama Anonymous. Any potentional members out there?

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