New Hair, New Me

Thursday, Jan 15

I’m late blogging today because I had a badly-needed hair appointment. My hair practically qualified as a federal disaster area, since I missed last month’s visit due to rodeo, snow, and a personal Chernobyl. (I called the Transition White House to ask for government aid, but they put me on hold. Go figure.)

So, I have a new style and am slightly less blonde. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE getting my hair done? I have hair-salon AADD. Can’t wait to get out of that chair and move on.

On the good-news front, I made a new deal with my publishers extraordinaire today–you’re stuck with me for a lot more books. 🙂

Sadie continues to improve dramatically. Tough love is definitely the ticket. She’s so happy and active and absolutely LOVES going to her therapy sessions. She walks on an underwater treadmill, so there won’t be any stress on her legs, and now that she understands the drill, I’m told she heads straight for the tank as soon as she gets out of the kennel. She sure gets excited when she hears the truck keys jingle, and now Bernice is going along for the ride. I don’t think she’s into sports, though–as soon as we pull in at the canine facility, she tries to climb on top of my head. (If Sadie did that, I’d be in traction.)

We are still enveloped in fog, here in the Spokane area. It seems we have ourselves an inversion. OK by me–anything but dumptruck loads of wet snow!

On a final note, a wise friend named Ozma said something in an email today that struck me as profoundly true, and I want to pass it on to you. “The present moment creates both the past and the future, simultaneously.”

Think about it.

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