New York, Day 3–and other stuff

Monday, Jun 17

On Day 3, I had quite a lot of free time, so I visited Lee’s Art Supply, up on 57th, another favorite.  I’m told Brad and Angelina bring their children there sometimes, but, alas, no sign of the Pitt family on this trip.  🙂  I had a ball just the same, picking up a few watercolors, etc.   They carry the larger pans and I like those–didn’t even know they existed before the visit–and that’s one of the best things about traveling, the discoveries.
In the evening, I had a lovely dinner with my long-time agent and dear friend, Irene Goodman, in a hotel restaurant called Shula’s.  We did a lot of catching up, on both the personal and business fronts, and had our usual wonderful time.  I can’t overstate how much I admire and trust Irene, and I’m so grateful to have her for an agent.  She was there during the hard times, always ready to encourage me, and during the high times, when there’s a lot to celebrate.
Things picked up a lot after Day 3, but I was tired when I arrived, so I left myself lots of time for sleeping in, vegging, and playing with my art supplies.  🙂
And now for this past weekend.
Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, was in Spokane on Friday night, appearing to a sold out crowd at the INB Center, so Jenni, Wendy, my visiting sister, Sally, and I all went to take in the show.  I splurged and hired a car and driver–a picture of the four of us is posted on the Linda Lael Miller Facebook page.  Now, I have somewhere to send you when I put up pictures of the critters, book signings, etc.  I’m going to have Jenni put several of my artist trading cards up so you can see those.
It goes without saying that we really enjoyed Theresa–she’s a character, funny and down-to-earth–and I’m a big fan.
Afterward, Tom, our driver, was kind enough to stop at a drive-through, as we were all starving, and we ordered burgers and other nutritional disasters to eat when we got home.  The fast food place was in a pretty scary neighborhood, and it was quite late, but we were safe with Tom–he’s a cowboy.  🙂
Saturday morning, I slept until 11, which had Sally wondering if I’d died in my sleep, since I’m a VERY early riser.  I was just plain exhausted.  Once I got going, we did some team-shopping, visiting the Flour Mill, then Hobby Lobby.  After that, we were both pooped, and made it an early night–or, at least, I did.  Sally is almost a decade younger, and she has more get-up-and-go than I do.  🙂  She’s crafty–Thankful Rose on Etsy, she of the beautiful sweater-coats–and spent the evening hooking a rug.
Sunday was pretty quiet, though we did visit JoAnn’s (I’m wavering seriously in my committment to avoid quilting!) and bought some food, etc., at Fred Meyer’s.  Once we returned to the house, Wendy, Jeremy and my grand-dog, Margie, paid us a visit.
Today was a writing day, and a darn good one, which is why I’m writing this blog so late in the day.  This might happen a lot in the near future, as I zoom to finish “Big Sky Secrets,” the last of the Parable/Three Trees books.  Fear not, however, for I’ve got a new, nine-book series brewing in my fevered little brain.
That’s about it for today, pardners.  See you tomorrow.

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