Oh, Those McKettricks

Tuesday, Mar 21

I counted up the other day, and by the time I finish, there will be nine McKettrick books!

It all began with “High Country Bride”, Rafe and Emmeline’s story.
Kade and Mandy followed with “Shotgun Bride”.
Jeb and Chloe starred in “Secondhand Bride”.
Holt and Lorelei, “McKettrick’s Choice”.
Then there are the modern McKettricks:
Sierra and Travis in “Sierra’s Homecoming”, a Silhouette Special Edition to be published this December. (Actually, this book is both contemporary and historical, because Hannah and Doss McKettrick get to tell their story, too. Doss is the youngest son of Holt and Lorelei.)
In the spring of 2007, you’ll meet Jesse and Cheyenne (“McKettrick’s Luck”), Rance and Echo (“McKettrick’s Pride”), and Keegan and Molly (“McKettrick’s Heart”). No long wait between books–they come out in sequence, over three months.
Is your head spinning yet?
Don’t worry. I’ll keep you up to date on the website, with covers, news, and release dates.
Finally, you will receive Meg McKettrick’s story. She’s Sierra’s sister, and her book will also be a Special Edition. I’ll let you in on the title as soon as I figure out what it is.

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