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Tuesday, Apr 01

I recently discovered a remedy for insomnia–I placed 3 tumbled bloodstones in a little bowl of water and set them on my bedside table.  Well, my friends, this technique works a little too well–I didn’t even stir until 9:30 this morning, which, for me, is the middle of the day.  (I can just hear my dad.  “Roll out!  We’re burnin’ daylight!”) Of course I was awake, listening to a British suspense novel, “Precious Thing”, on my iPod, until quite late, and I’m sure that didn’t help.  Still, I think I’d better cut back to 1 stone, just to be on the safe side.  🙂
As an aside, here are a few more reliable gemstone sellers: on Ebay, mininggems, and on Etsy, thesagegoddess, blisscrystals, and ilovelotus.  Check them out–even if you don’t want to buy, the pictures are splendid and several of them include interesting information about the stones.
There has been a change of plans on the writing front: I will be finishing the Christmas book later and diving straight into the second novel in the Bliss County Brides series, THE MARRIAGE CHARM.  I’m working up an outline of the plot today and will start the actual story tomorrow.  I expect this story to flow, since I already know the characters and the setting from writing THE MARRIAGE PACT. 
I hope some of you are entertaining angels.  🙂  It was an enjoyable experience for me, if a very subtle one.  I didn’t want them to leave, as I mentioned yesterday, but I know there is at least one angel assigned to me, here for the duration.  I just need to remember that, and say howdy sometimes. 
Since the visit, I’ve developed a fondness for flameless candles–they glow so beautifully and, as I’ve said before, they’re pretty much Linda-proof.  (I am a major klutz and sometimes forgetful in the bargain.) 
Glass jars full of gems and adorn my office window-sill, and I love the way they shine in the sunlight.  Yesterday, I lined up all my favorites on the deck railing to catch the rays–crystals love sunshine (don’t we all), and it allegedly recharges their energy.  I find my beautiful glass pyramid boxes do the same thing–I leave them overnight and when I hold them again, they all but jump around in my hand, they’re so wired.  I used a nice specimen of malachite to soothe my sore ankle before bed last night, and, as you won’t be surprised to learn, it worked.  Moss agate is my other staple, both for stress and for aches and pains.
You might say I’ve got my own stone apothecary going here, with all these lovely glass jars and boxes lining shelves.
I’ve finished my piece for the Cloth, Paper, Scissors reader challenge, too.  I will be uploading the image onto their site soon, and I will include a link when it’s a done deal.  I have to keep reminding myself that my goal was to make and submit a piece of art–the results are, of course, out of my hands.  Once I’ve taken the required photos and sent them in, I will have met the goal–a big one for me, because I tend to be fairly shy about my art work.
Have you commented?  This week’s contest is in full swing.  🙂
May you be showered in sunlight.

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