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Tuesday, Jan 15

My new exercise bike is being assembled even as we speak, and when I’m done with today’s writing, I’ll be able to break it in!  Yeehaw!  Never thought I’d be excited about EXERCISE, of all things.  🙂
I am definitely excited about the shipment of flower seeds I received in yesterday’s mail, too.  Jeremy and I are planning to scatter poppy seeds at the top of the draw as soon as it’s warm enough–and that’ll be a while, methinks, since the weather is a little above freezing and around here most people plant after Mother’s Day.  We’re starting seeds pretty soon, though, and will use a grow light to get them going–tomatoes, spaghetti squash, lettuce, you name it.  I’ve even got some gourd seeds to plant outside the fence–does anybody know if deer eat the plants?–and they are SO COOL.  Once they reach a good size, I can make bowls out of them–decorative ones, of course, and not the kind you’d serve mashed potatoes in.  🙂
Bernice has already had her first barn adventure of the day–it’s so fun to watch her when Jenni gets out the leash–that dog is practically beside herself with joy.
ChaCha kitty gave me a scare last night–I couldn’t find her anywhere, and it was cold outside, and I could hear coyotes howling like mad in the draw.  They probably couldn’t get her, because the fence is high and stands at the top of a fairly steep slope, but STILL…all three of my pets tend to cuddle close when they hear the coyotes, and I didn’t want Cha Cha to be scared, not to mention cold.  I looked everywhere, including outside, with no luck, and she finally came strolling casually into the room, fluffy tail sweeping elegantly back and forth.  Her body language clearly said, “You looking for me?”  Darn cat.  I swear she and her sister Jitterbug are capable of slipping into the next dimension or something–when they disappear into one of their hiding places, it’s a real trick to find them.  Margy, my granddog, was here for a visit with Wendy and Jeremy last night, and she’s an angel, but she’s also still a pup, and the cats especially give her a wide berth.  Bernice is getting a little braver with every visit.
There will be a new contest tomorrow–ONE WINNER will receive a signed book and one of my sister Pam’s (polymerpamela on Etsy) sparkly bead bracelets.  Since there was some confusion last time, we’ve changed the way we announce our lucky winner.  Jenni, super-assistant, will email that person and, after we hear back, I’ll post the name.
Jen made me laugh hard this morning, by the way.  She’s starting a Twitter feed called, “The Devil Wears Chico’s”.  🙂
I’ll let you work that one out on your own.
Be well, be safe, and be kind.

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