One Thing Led to Another

Monday, Nov 26

As many of you know, I usually blog early in the morning, right after I’ve finished my journaling, and before I start the day’s writing quota. Today, I had some documents to sign, which required a trip to the other end of town, and once that was finished…well, it just made sense to go to Target, Hallmark and Michael’s, since I was already in the neighborhood!

(Actually, I’ve been working very hard on “A Stone Creek Christmas”, and a day off probably did me good.)

The weather folks are predicting snow for tonight, and it sure looks as though it might happen–the sky has that heavy-bellied, gray look. I love that first real snow–especially if I wake up to a wonderland of white.

Traveler arrived on Saturday, and is he ever a wonderful horse. A paint, just like I always wanted, small of stature so I can mount him without a ladder. I rode him almost as soon as he came out of the trailer, and he’s smooth and gentle.

Folks around here got a chuckle when I insisted on naming him for Robert E. Lee’s horse, Traveller. Lee’s Traveller was BIG, and gray, and my Traveler is little and pinto. Maybe I should call him Little Traveler.


I don’t think the General would mind–do you?

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