Part 2

Tuesday, Jun 02

The computer ate part of my blog, but for once, I was prepared and made a print-out before I hit the “publish” button.
Here’s the rest:
This is where I start losing track of what happened on which day, so bear with me, please.  🙂  Gary, Marsha, Jenni and I drove to Harrisburg, where we visited the National Civil War Museum, an amazing place, and met the CEO/Director, Wayne Motts.  Wayne showed us around; the man is a true expert, and another qualified guide in the bargain and, believe me, he knows his stuff.  He told us marvelous stories and I actually got to hold in my hand a paper signed, “A. Lincoln”!!!  Wayne has a book coming out soon, his second, and I’ll be sure to post the information here when I have the details.
In the midst of all this, there was supposed to be a battlefield tour on horseback but, due to bad weather, that was cancelled.  Since my stirrup foot is the one I sprained, this was probably for the best.  I’m definitely doing it next time, though.  (The horseback tour, not the sprained ankle.)
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the historic Cashtown Inn, which was General (CSA) A.P. Hill’s headquarters, along the road General Lee himself took to reach the battlefield.  The Inn is purported to be haunted and has been featured in many books and on TV shows, too.  It was also the place where Sam Elliott (be still, my beating heart), Tom Berenger and other members of the cast of “Gettysburg” stayed during the filming of that landmark movie.  My good friend, Buck Taylor, was in the film, too.
On Sunday, Jenni and I did a little exploring on our own, visiting Devil’s Den for a second time.  Jenni climbed up to the top for a good look around, but I was still hobbling, so I stayed on flat ground. 
That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

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