Peacocks and Deer

Thursday, Oct 27

A neighbor keeps peacocks, and the big birds wander all over the place, with apparent impunity from coyotes, etc.  This morning, we had one serenading us from down in the draw for upwards of half an hour–the thing sounded like it was being killed, so I called over to Mary Ann and Larry’s, concerned.  Mary Ann, who lives just a little closer to the peacock place than I do, chuckled and assured me the sound was normal.  Even the deer were a little thrown, I think–there were five of them, standing in the clearing, still as stones, listening.  One was a fawn, partly grown.  When the peacock wasn’t crowing, Bernice was barking, so we had a little dog and bird show going for a while there.  The deer did not seem at all concerned that they would be attacked and brought down by a Yorkie.  🙂

It’s another lovely day, both here in Spokane and in Parable.  Guess we’re getting rain tomorrow, but, hey, that’s tomorrow.  I’m concentrating on Right Now, which is pretty darn good.

And that’s the news.

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