Tuesday, Oct 07

When some calcium showed up on my recent mammogram, I was scheduled for a needle biopsy.  The procedure was performed on September 30–and I gotta tell ya, as awful as the procedure sounds, it wasn’t all that bad–and then it was a waiting game.  I wasn’t particularly worried, but still….
The results were supposed to come back within 3 to 5 days, but they didn’t.  Seeing my doctor for a routine follow-up to my annual physical this morning, I asked if she’d heard anything.  She hadn’t, and we agreed that, this being October 7, the report was overdue.  Dr. S called the lab immediately, and I admit I held my breath while I waited for the person on the other end of the line to scan the files.  Things had gotten a little backed up–it happens–but the verdict was in.  Benign.
Little wonder that I’m thinking that’s got to be one of the most beautiful words in this or any language.
My mom is a breast cancer survivor (go, Mom!), which means the women in our line have a slightly higher risk of contracting the disease.  For this reason, on the advice of my doctor, I have the exam every year.  I used to grumble about the frequency, but lately I’ve changed my tune.  I feel grateful to the infinite power, not just because I’ve received a clean bill of health this time around, but because modern technology allows for a much earlier diagnosis if there is a problem.  Chances for a cure are, obviously, MUCH higher with early detection. 

It’s the first line of defense against a disease that is still far too prevalent.  We’ve got to beat this thing, people.

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