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Friday, Dec 04

I think I’m actually finished with the new book. 🙂

“Tate” and “Garrett”, the first two stories in the Texas McKettricks trilogy, are strong books, and I’m so proud of them. I won’t pretend writing them was easy–for some reason, they were harder than most of their predecessors have been. I hope it means I’m growing as a writer–even though I’ve been publishing books since 1983 (yikes) and writing them for much longer than that–I think it’s important to polish old skills and master new ones and I really try.

You deserve the best story I can possibly deliver.

During the writing of these stories, my art went to a new level. It was as if a dam broke or something; all this color and texture just appeared. I learned some great new techniques–favorite website in this regard is Suzi Blu’s wonderful Les Petit Academy. She’s funny, she’s fun, and she’s a great teacher. I’m in her Angels class, which is offered online, and I’m loving it. I will be sure to post my angels as I paint them–there are three paintings in the course.

Podcast of the day:
Stuff you missed in history class, on iTunes.

How will I spend my weekend?

Well, I’ll be getting ready to head down to Vegas on Monday for an exciting visit, so be sure to either watch the blog or tune in on December 10, when I will be back home, with a lot of stories to tell. In my experience, Las Vegas hotels aren’t the easiest ones to blog from–they do not want you staying in your room, tapping away at your computer, so the wireless set-up isn’t always that great. 🙂 (No, siree, they’d rather you were downstairs, tapping away on a slot machine!)

I need to buy some clothes–this is a Fat Year, darn it, because I quit smoking on June 23–because nothing fits. 🙁

I hope to do some art work, too. That’s my personal therapy.

More later.

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